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Boiler Fault Finding and Repair Client Review - "Exceptional is the only grade that matches my recent experience of the quality of DCR’s work"...

"Exceptional is the only grade that matches my recent experience of the quality of DCR’s work. Four years ago I moved into a new-build home following an earlier stroke. I am 80+ years old and not as sprightly as I would like. The house was equipped to make things as suitable for independent living as possible-underfloor heating served by an oil-fired boiler and associated tech. Sadly, the reality proved to be a nightmare. The boiler, it turned out, had been poorly installed, leading to three years of local companies and/or self styled experts trying to resolve the issue of days of no hot water and system breakdown-often made worse by their own inexperience and lack of practical know how of modern heating systems. Finally in despair, a neighbour suggested I try DCR from Newark. I looked up their mission statement and if they were as good as they say on the tin, this was exactly the company I needed. What’s so impressive is that the standards the company sets for itself, its customer focussed ethos, professionalism, dedication, caring and efficient organisation are all firmly embedded at every level of the organisation I dealt with, from telephone contacts to visits of engineers. It felt like a single team all powered by the same principles, values and skills. In the case of the engineers, all were in-house trained in a careful fusion of theory and practical experience? It was so so refreshing to see ‘problem solving’ placed at the apex of their training and qualification. I cannot praise the company enough for the service it provided me with. The welcome and reassurance that started with first telephone conversation never wavered thereafter. It was exceptional every step of the way!" Mike


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