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Heating Engineers & Electricians

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An award-winning company founded on the core principle of quality and excellence

At DCR we employ the very best electricians and heating engineers in the industry and offer our services to domestic and commercial clients. We have a wealth of excellent clients that we work with who expect the highest standards in customer service and quality of workmanship. Our main areas of business are domestic, commercial, large residential, stately homes, country manors, schools, colleges, universities, and local councils. 


Our main areas of business are domestic and commercial heating systems including, boiler and cylinder upgrades, air source heat pumps, bespoke heating and hot water systems and commercial boiler plant rooms. All our systems are bespoke and designed around the building and client requirements with maximum energy efficiency in mind.  Our heating designs integrate well with our electrical team who offer an abundance of experience in design, the wiring of heating systems and renewable energy products like solar panels, batteries and solar hot water.



Our main areas of business on the electrical side are Solar energy (solar photovoltaic systems), battery storage, Electric Vehicle Charging, design and installation of energy efficient heating systems, boilers, air source heat pumps, commercial boiler plant rooms and day to day electrical services.   


Both our heating and electrical systems are designed to integrate together for maximum household and business efficiency and reliability.


We also offer clients a complete electrification package comprising of heat generation, solar energy, solar battery storage and solar hot water. This is supported by our dedication to aftercare and customer support.


Due to our experience, training, company refinement and infrastructure we are industry leaders.


As well as the above we also carry out many other services. Please see our menu for these additional services.


At DCR we employ the very best electricians and heating engineers in the industry. We are continually training and investing in our engineers through our intense training programmes, supported by our close working relationship with our manufacturers. These relationships have been forged over many years working closely together.

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We are always looking to give our own clients the best service possible and take on new customers. If you need anything at all, please give our friendly office staff a call.

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