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Solar PV Batteries

DCR are approved Solar Edge, Tesla  and Sonnen battery installers. We fit all types of battery storage solutions which also include Givenergy and Fox battery storage systems. We have fitted lots of batteries over the years and have many customers who are storing and re-using their surplus Solar PV Electricity every day.


Solar batteries reduce your reliance on the grid by storing your generated solar electricity for use when the sun is no longer shining and your Solar PV system has stopped producing electricity.

Starting February 1st, 2024, battery storage systems will be exempt from Value-Added Tax (VAT). This exemption reflects the government's strong commitment to promoting eco-friendly energy solutions and curbing carbon emissions.

DCR Electrical SolarEdge
DCR Electrical tesla energy
DCR Electrical SONNEN
DCR Electrical SolarEdge

DCR are approved SolarEdge battery installation specialists. We receive regular training and product updates and work closely with SolarEdge to maintain the highest standards.


The SolarEdge 10KW Energy Bank sits perfectly alongside any new or existing SolarEdge system. The battery will integrate with the Solar Panels on the monitoring and management platform which can be accessed through a smart phone app or PC.


Solar Edge Energy Bank.
Increase Power, Energy and Safety.


Optimised for SolarEdge HD-Wave and StorEdge Inverter Technology

  • Maximised system performance, gaining more energy to store and use for on-grid and backup power applications*

  • Integrates with the complete SolarEdge residential offering, providing a single point of contact for warranty, support, training, and simplified logistics & operations

  • DC coupled battery featuring superior overall system efficiency

  • Scalable solution for increased power and capacity with multiple SolarEdge inverters and batteries

  • Solar, storage, EV charging, and smart devices all monitored and managed by a single app to optimise solar production, consumption and backup* power

  • Wireless communication to the inverter, reducing wiring, labor and installation faults

  • Simple plug and play installation, with automatic SetApp-based configuration

  • Includes multiple safety features for battery protection
    * Backup application requires inverter with backup capability


mySolarEdge App

  • Control and track all your energy production and usage from a single app.

  • Keep bills low and see the savings with real-time monitoring & alerts.

  • View and manage all energy devices, like SolarEdge Home EV Chargers/Batteries.

  • Connect to a growing line of SolarEdge Home smart energy devices.

Who we work for

Large Residential
Stately Homes
Country Manors


What we can do

Solar Edge Energy Bank 10kWh Battery Installations

Solar PV Design
Solar PV Installation
Solar PV Commissioning
Solar PV maintenance, Fault Finding and service
Solar PV Batteries

Tesla Powerwall batteries

Sonnen Batteries
Solar PV
Car chargers

Solar PV Hot Water Units

Why DCR?

NICEIC approved electricians
Highly qualified and experienced
Friendly, helpful, and reliable
DBS checked
Exceptionally clean and tidy

Dedicated above and beyond the client’s expectations

DCR made possible what other companies said could not be done

DCR Electrical made possible what other companies fitting solar panels said could not be done on our house.

Good quality work and friendly team.

John Barber

Completed to a very high standard

Fantastic service friendly and polite staff very efficient work done and completed to a very high standard would highly recommend.

Nathan Cumberland

DCR have done a great job

DCR have installed solar panels for us and have done a great job very efficiently and then left everything tidy and completed all the paperwork promptly.

Debbie Miller

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