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Solar Panel (PV) Servicing & Inverter Replacement

Discover DCR's superior quality solar PV servicing and inverter replacement for both domestic and commercial solar projects. From meticulous design and precise installation to thorough servicing and reliable aftercare, we prioritise excellence in every aspect of our work. Our commitment extends to ensuring that every solar system we install operates at peak efficiency, delivering optimal performance for our valued customers.

Regular maintenance and timely replacement of solar panels and inverters are essential for maximising the longevity and efficiency of your solar energy system. Trust DCR for expert guidance and professional services to keep your solar investment performing at its best.

Solar Panel Servicing

At DCR, we understand the importance of regular maintenance for your solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our team specialises in conducting comprehensive annual service checks to ensure the safety and optimal efficiency of your solar PV systems. Our service checks prioritise the safety of your solar PV systems and your property.


We meticulously inspect all components to identify any potential hazards or issues. We strongly advise that all solar PV systems undergo service and maintenance checks at least once every 12 months. This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected failures and ensures long-term reliability.

The Importance of Maintainence for your Solar PV System

Optimal Performance
Regular maintenance ensures that solar panels operate at their peak efficiency, maximising energy production.

Proper care can extend the lifespan of solar panels, protecting your investment and providing a longer period of energy generation.

Dust and Debris Removal
Cleaning panels removes accumulated dust, dirt, and debris, which can hinder sunlight absorption and reduce energy output.

Fault Detection
Regular inspections help identify and address any potential issues, preventing small problems from developing into more significant and costly issues.

Warranty Compliance
Adhering to manufacturer-recommended maintenance guidelines is often necessary to keep warranties valid, ensuring coverage in case of defects.

Solar Inverter Replacements

We replace all types of inverters where they have failed and are out of warranty. This includes many brands such as SMA inverters, Solar edge inverters, Solis inverters, Fronius inverters, Givenergy inverters, Huawei inverters, Growatt inverters,  Solax inverters, single phase inverters, 3 phase inverters and any other manufacturers. Our solar engineers have 20 years experience fault finding on solar inverters and carrying out routine solar inverter replacements.


Many solar systems are at an age where inverters are starting to fail and many are either out of their warranty period or the manufacturers are no longer trading. Many old inverters didn’t have app or internet connections for monitoring and new inverters can significantly improve your current solar pv system with higher performance and clear monitoring.

Why you might need to replace your Inverter

Technological Advances
Upgrading to newer models can take advantage of technological advancements, improving energy efficiency and overall system performance.

End of Lifespan
Solar panels and inverters have a finite lifespan. Replacement becomes necessary as they age and become less efficient.

Improved Warranties
Newer models often come with improved warranties, providing better coverage and protection for your investment.

Increased Energy Production
Modern solar technologies may offer increased energy production capabilities, making replacement a viable option for higher efficiency.

Environmental Impact
Recycling older components and replacing them with more efficient models contributes to reducing the environmental impact of solar energy systems.

Looking to install Solar at your home or business?

DCR offers top-tier residential and commercial Solar PV solutions. Our dedicated team prioritises excellence in every aspect, from design to installation and post-installation support. We tailor our solar solutions to fit each property perfectly, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

As accredited MCS and NICEIC installers, DCR delivers comprehensive services, including expert advice, meticulous design, precise installation, and dependable aftercare for Solar PV systems.

Harness the power of Solar PV to generate electricity for your home or business, effectively reducing overall electricity costs. With over two decades of experience, DCR stands as a trusted authority in designing and installing cutting-edge Solar PV systems engineered for peak performance.

20 Year's Experience
Installing & Maintaining Solar Systems

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What makes DCR the very best domestic Solar PV installation and maintenance specialists?

We are a local, established electrical and mechanical business that have been operating since 2007.
At DCR we put our hearts and souls into what we do, we care about every customer and every installation.


At DCR We have been installing domestic solar panel systems and renewable energy products for 15 years. We have lots of experience fitting Solar PV systems and have refined our products and installation methods over the years.

DCR Stability

We are a financially stable business and can offer our Experian credit report to prove this along with our quote. This is very important when choosing a Solar PV company. You may need to call on your system warranties in the future and it is essential that the installation company are still trading and can honour your warranty.

DCR Staff (No Sub-Contactors)

Our staff work directly for us and we do not use sub contractors other than specialist contractors like scaffolders. We have a very low turnover of staff which means our engineers have been able to understand exactly what is required by DCR and what is required by the client. We believe our standard of workmanship is far greater than any other business.

No Salesmen

All our staff are electricians and electrical engineers. We look at every job individually and work out what is best for you the client.

Care and Attention

At DCR we care about you and your system.
We pride ourselves on giving you the very best experience and the very best system possible. To date we have 100% customer satisfaction on Solar PV installations. The reason for this is that our service is exceptional and we make sure you are happy with your system. We will walk you through the process once we are finished to talk you through what has been done and to make sure that you are happy with everything that we have delivered.

DCR Products

At DCR we care about you and your system.Over many years we have witnessed and understood the various pit falls in the renewable energy industry. One of the biggest is the poor quality products that are being sold. We always choose manufacturers and products that are tried and tested. We prefer to install more expensive, higher quality products so that your system will out- perform that of a cheaper system and with far less problems, hence saving you money over the course of its lifetime.

DCR Aftercare

Our aftercare is second to none. We have experienced engineers readily available to help in the future should you have any system issues or should you just need any general assistance with your Solar PV system.