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Servicing an Air Source Heat Pump

Q) Does a heat pump need servicing.

A) Yes. DCR do have a dedicated after care team for ongoing heat pump maintenance. DCR do not use subcontractors. We believe it is very important that heat pumps are installed by companies that are not just installers but have a dedicated after care service team.

These checks should only be done by a suitably qualified engineer. The heat pumps can contain F-Gas refrigerants, so an ‘F’ Gas certified engineer will be required to check these parts.

Servicing includes:

Cleaning of filters

Removing debris or dust that could block the air flow

Cleaning of fan blades

Checking of refrigerant levels (FGAS engineer required and mainly on split systems)

Checking for leaks

Checking expansion vessel precharge

If your system has anti-freeze these levels will be checked using a refractometer.

Heating system inhibitor and PH levels

Heating circulation operation.


Checking electrical connections.

Checking system flow rates.


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