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Warmflow Zeno inverter driven Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Panels provide a sustainable, integrated energy solution for Lincolnshire domestic property

This Lincolnshire client was recommended by their friend, a long standing DCR client.

DCR were asked to evaluate what options they had to sustainably heat their home. They requested options on all fuels; Heat Pumps, Oil/HVO and LP gas. DCR specialise in all these energy solutions, so can provide unbiased recommendations, which the clients found reassuring.

Due to fuel storage constraints and Solar PV also being installed by DCR the best option for these clients and their property was a Warmflow Zeno inverter driven Heat Pump supplying heat to a low temperature, high efficiency heating and hot water system also designed and installed by DCR.

DCR offer Integrated Energy Technologies. This project is a great example of a client reaping the benefits of a seamless process by the DCR team which has included:

  • Consultation

  • Design

  • Heat Pump Installation

  • Solar PV installation

  • Battery Storage Installation

  • Remote System Monitoring

  • Long Term Aftercare

If you are considering renewable energy options for your home or business and don’t want a salesperson pressuring you, we will always help you answer any questions and can do remote desktop surveys to give you an idea on the benefits and costs.


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