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Introducing the Zeno Air Source Heat Pump by Warmfow

DCR takes pride in utilising the very best mechanical designs which is why we have teamed up with Warmflow. Founded in 1970, Warmflow is Northern Ireland’s leading manufacturer of award winning, oil fired boilers with over 45 years’ experience heating homes across UK & Ireland. 


Zeno Air Source Heat Pumps are uniquely designed to harness natural heat energy from the air by blowing it through a highly finned evaporator coil. Using Mitsubishi inverter driven technology to reduce energy usage they are the best in the industry.

Watch the video below to see why DCR are proud installers of the Zeno product:

Cheapest form of Home Heating

Our Air Source has a high efficiency of up to 555%. A heat pump can keep your home at a constant ambient temperature 24/7 for less cost due to lower flow temperatures.

Low Maintenance

A yearly system check is recommended by your installer or qualified person. This will involve cleaning filters and checking system pressures to ensure the optimum performance of your heat pump.

Environmentally Friendly

No harmful emissions to the environment

One Energy Bill

Just one electric bill for the whole dwelling, which includes lighting, appliances, heating and hot water.

Quiet Operation

When running, the heat pump has a sound operation of 54dBa at 1m.

Multi Output

Available in 3 outputs from 6-17kW using a Mitsubishi inverter driven compressor.


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