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Design & Installation of a Low Temperature Heat Pump Ready System with Full System Building Services for Midlands Based School

Design and installation of a low temperature heat pump ready system with full system building services.

The brief was to work with a consultancy business to deliver a low carbon ready heating system using 3 of the existing boilers and an adding additional 200kW. This required DCR to mobilise and complete a full heating and hot water system comprising of a new boiler plant room including controls, 5 heating zones, 110 radiators and complete building services in 6 weeks. We handed back the site a day ahead of schedule and achieved an out of scope requirement of diverting 100% of waste generated from landfill.

The Heat Pump Ready Programme supports the development and demonstration of heat pump technologies and tools, and solutions for optimised deployment of heat pumps.

From 2025 the Department for Education will be implementing emission-reduction targets for all education settings and by the same date schools will be required to have ‘nominated a sustainability lead and put in place a climate action plan’. Harj Chana Senior Building Surveyor at Surveyors to Education outlines the funding available to help your school become decarbonisation ready.


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