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Solar Panel Installation in Fernwood, Newark

8.4 kw solar pv system installed at Fernwood this week. 420 watt flush mounted black panels installed on the east facing rear roof and west facing garage roof. New garage supply and data cables to the garage as the existing supply was too small. All the equipment was mounted in the garage ready to install a 10kw battery at a later date. Hot water module fitted to take any surplus electricity and heat the hot water through the electric immersion heater. This will significantly reduce the gas consumer especially through the summer months.

We offer commercial and domestic energy consultations where we look at the energy usage within that building and look at the data over a long period of time. By looking at the facts and figures we can design our systems to best suit the running costs of that particular building.

Because we can install all technologies from gas, oil, air source, solar, CHP’s and more we are a non biased company who want to offer the very best solution for every job we look at.


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